Friday, October 11, 2013


A brand new approach to beauty and glamour has been launched in Canberra. Specialising in weddings, Zaija has created an environment where you feel special just by being there. 

The friendly, helpful way that the Zaija team engages with you, the expert service delivery, the wide range of services spanning beauty, massage, make-up and hair, all combine to create a totally unique - and totally beautiful - experience. 

Zaija offers comprehensive and indulgent packages for all your pre-wedding beauty needs - and Zaija brides are ... well ... just beautiful.

Call Zaija on 02 6247 9462 - or visit them at The Bride's Diary® Wedding & Events Expo, at the National Convention Centre on Sunday 13th October. Tickets available for purchase on the day, or online at The Bride's Diary Events booking page.